The wild thing is I could feel her love 💖years before we met. I could sense this strong pull towards motherhood. 💕My daughter chose me and I’m sure I felt her presence long before I could comprehend it. Maybe I felt it when my life came tumbling down and I physically couldn’t move because my heart and mind were in such pain. Maybe it was when I picked up that book “you can heal your life” by Louise Hay, read it start to finish and sensing in that moment, life could be different.

Maybe it was when I swiped right and took a huge leap and met my soul mate online. Maybe it was when I completed my trainings in NLP and realized my potential. When I look back I can see the connections, the paths and significant moments in my life that led me to choose ME all because a very special soul was waiting for me, she was co-creating with me. Guiding me to find myself, to love myself and to accept ME.

The part I normally don’t share is the decision I made in 2016 to leave my full time career. A career I absolutely loved and adored. I was a counsellor with an agency who supported young mothers and their children. So much of who I am now is because of the time I spent there. It was during my time there when I realized I was being called. I had been chosen to RISE and BE the woman SHE needed me to be. January 2016, I decided that if I am to RISE to my calling I must believe in my magic✨. Starting my practice full time, growing, learning, failing, growing more and taking BIG chances. All for one reason- to RISE to my calling.


I sometimes picture this beautiful movie in my mind of myself and Hannah, looking down on Earth and creating what this life time could be like for us. We are sitting down relaxing in the sun in this magical forest, fairies buzzing around and probably a few Unicorns in the far distance. I imagine it went something like this,

⭐“ok so you’re going to pick these parents, they are going to have a hell of a time lots of love and laughter but also a lot of pain. Your dad is going to leave and you will stay with your mom. You will have the sweetest brother, smart and so caring. You will have an awesome childhood with many, many bumps. But it’s ok, because it’s preparing you so you can be the MOTHER I need when I arrive in 2018. So just hold tight and keep your eye on that twinkle light of hope. 🌟You might not be able to see it but just trust it’s always there. 🌟Ok? Just trust and feel the hope. And then, you will get your heart broken, it will feel like a million pieces and you won’t feel like you can recover but trust ok? Head up. Let’s bring in your best friend, she’s going to be your rock, she will keep you stay grounded. She has your back and she loves you like her own family. Ok, you will meet in like grade 10, cool? You have a tribe of soul sisters. They will get you through. And all that anxiety you feel in your heart and mind, in 2011, something so very tragic is going to happen to your family. But, you will learn how to let go, how to forgive and most importantly you will find yourself, Ok?

Hhm what else do you need before I get there?

Ok time for your next soul sister, mentor, best friend! 💫She is going to hire you at your dream job! And she will always be so much more to you. Oh and how about we send you to this community of conscious souls 🌈who know the power of mind body tools so transform your pain into your wisdom and FALL MADLY AND DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF. 💕because only then, will you be ready for dads’ love. Alright, let’s get creative and make sure you really, REALLY want this.

TINDER! Ok, breathe you got this. Because listen mom, I want him as my dad. I want all that he is and he needs me for all that I am. BAM. You trusted yourself, you communicated and you broke so many generational Cycles.MOM! You got this, we are so close.Can you feel me now? Can you see us together? Ok I’m here now, only 9 more months. it’s time to look at your 💕mom, thank her, love her and tell her how only now can you even come close to comprehending her strength, her courage and her resilience. Tell her, now you know why you chose her to be your mom and why you needed her.

✨ITS TIME! ✨I’m here.

Just so you know, it’s going to be dark for a while 🌑but, remember we need this. Remember the twinkle light of hope, it’s there. 🌟I know it’s dark, but mom you have to trust that you were made for me. You won’t know who you are and that’s ok, it’s time to let go of her because it is time to RISE. You ARE BECOMING who you need to BE. You have everything I need. Trust yourself. Ok? Trust. Mom, stop reading everything, breathe mom. I’m here and I know you can do this. You will have to ask for help, and your soul sisters are there. Lean on them.

You did it! We made it through the darkest days, can you feel that mom, that’s your intuition, that is you RISING.You are RISING to your calling. 💫

Ok so I think we’re good for now, until next time mom. I love you💕

That’s the movie I play over and over again. I feel immense gratitude, love and appreciation. I feel powerful, I feel a profound purpose. But, I can only see it now. Now that I’m here.


Love and light to you all, 

Nicole Weston