Hi love,

I have to share this story with you because my head is finally aligned with my heart.  I am choosing to breakthrough the shame and stand in my power. The power to choose courage over fear.


Let’s say the last two months I have been taking action in BIG ways so I can bring my message of LOVE to the world.

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It all started with a powerful phone call with my now coach, I shared with him my passion and BIG DREAM of hosting groups online so I could help people all around the world. After 20 minutes on the call I was in tears because I was so lit up and felt so aligned. We decided to work together to bring my dream to reality.

I was busy doing my homework and prepping for our first call. You know, the call that was going to change EVERYTHING. When all of sudden there it was, fear, looking me in the eyes asking, “who do you think you are?”

Looking back now, that was the moment I decided, unconsciously of course to make a ‘logical’ decision and stick with what I ‘know’ how to do (because I have been doing for almost 10 years now).

The voice in my head kept repeating the same negative thoughts; ” you can’t do it, they won’t accept you, you have no experience, someone else is already doing it, you will fail at this, you’re not good enough, you will piss people off, you can’t be a good mom and run a succussfull business…….”

OK STOP. Enough of that, you get the point, fear, lies and old yucky beliefs.

So, I went with my head (fear) and the crazy part was I could hear my heart asking me to follow it,  “Pick me, I promise I got you, pick me, we can do this, the world needs you”. FEAR stepped in and said, “don’t listen to her, pick me you’re scared, I got you” (yes, you read that right, picture a fear monster holding me telling me it would all be ok……like, at no point does that feel safe, but at the time, to me, it was the safest option). 

My heart was whispering to me over the last two months and she was guiding me. How? I kept seeing 11:11 everywhere. I haven’t seen this in years, only when I first began my spiritual journey. So I thought, ok I got this I’m on path.

And I was on path, I made a decision and was re routed and yet it lead me back to my heart.

It is only now when I look back can I the dots connecting.

Have you ever felt the PULL from the Universe? Calling you and you consistently ignore the ring?

I have felt this in many areas of my life and previous to awakening; I experienced the call to answer in trauma and chaos but, this time was so different that I couldn’t tell I was being called.

I honestly felt like I was playing safe but what I discovered was a limiting belief I had (yes, ‘had’ because of Time Line Therapy®) of not being ‘special’ enough.

This old belief had me under the illusion that my dream wasn’t special enough, didn’t matter and taking up space was not ok.

WRONG, so, so wrong.


“See people don’t choose dreams, dreams choose them. So the question I’m getting to is, do you have the courage to grab the dream that picked you?”- Prince EA.

So, on November 19th 2019 I surrendered not to my fear but to my dream. I gave myself permission to pick up the call. After my session of Time Line Therapy® and many signs that I was not on path I chose to step in, take up space and be courageous in spite of the fear.

One week and one day later here I am breaking my silence with you because I will not give my power away to shame.

Shame needs three things to grow exponentially in our lives: secrecy, silence, and judgment. By keeping quiet, shame will grow exponentially. It will creep into every corner and crevice of your life. The antidote, is empathy. Shame depends on me buying into the belief that I’m alone, shame cannot survive being spoken it cannot survive empathy.”- Brene Brown

I am shaking and choosing to see this as my nervous system lighting up o share my dream with you.

As a mother I want to transform how we approach maternal mental health ( mental health after having children).

I think we are missing something so vital in our communities  when it comes to mothers mental and emotional health.

How we take care of ourselves, how we love ourselves, how we love others, this energy of love all flows from the same heart.

It’s time to tap into the immense power of motherhood and all it can bring into our world. I know the power of our mind and I am ready to lead mothers back to loving themselves.

It is time to have TIME so we can be present with our children.

So we can have healthy and happy relationships.

So we can stop feeling overwhelmed and create the space in between for love to exist.

I am committed to helping busy mothers master their mindsets using the Love ME Method™ so they can BE present with SELF, spouse and children.

I am creating monthly meet up’s, workshops, full day programs, online trainings and group programs because it’s time to reclaim our mental and emotional health.

I want to hear from you. Is this something you would be interested in or know a mom who would be?

More details coming soon but for now if your a mom would you be willing to take 5 minutes to complete my survey?


Love and light to you