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I’m excited to be sharing with you today’s Love ME Podcast with Lindsay Leney!

Lindsay Leney is a wife, mother, entrepreneur & business owner. She and her husband live in Muskoka, ON and have 2 kids; Cooper who is 3 and Nora who is 1.5 years old. They own and operate a heating and air conditioning company servicing local residential and commercial customers throughout Muskoka. Lindsey is in constant pursuit of personal and professional development and focus’ most of her quiet time on networking and learning more about her community as well as developing new side hustles and business ideas.


Read Lindsay’s 3 tips for how she integrates self-care into her life:


1. What I have learned from 30 years of somewhat consistent personal development practices is that is it a daily practice and is ever growing in learnings. It’s not a 1 time fix. It’s an every moment practice of gratitude and self awareness. Making sure to listen to my monkey mind and what it’s saying, being able to replace it with positive affirmations. Making sure I’m constantly feeling “uncomfortable” so that I know that I’m growing. Paying attention to what scares me and focusing on creating the situations to conquer those fears. Being gentle and kind to myself and making sure I give myself permission to be proud of myself.

2. After having kids, I really struggled with what self care looked like for me. I felt guilt and shame around spending time and money for myself. I had to dig deep and find my core needs. I learned that I need daily spiritual rituals, oils, incense and crystals; even breathing exercises and visualizations through meditations and podcasts. For almost an entire year, i needed to practice affirmations, journaling and what my values were.

3. Because of daily practices, I am able to stand in my power and approach situations much differently than in the past. I have found that as long as I have my self care, rituals and mentors and friends who are on a similar path of growth as I am, I am full of energy and new learnings and growth.

If you want to know more about Lindsay you can follow her on on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn @yourlocalhvacteam. Website: www.yourlocalhvacteam.com

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