Hi Loves! Today’s podcast guest is Danielle Reaume from Danielle Reaume Coaching & Consulting ~ Guiding Clients to Live Life ON Purpose.

Danielle is passionate about guiding people to live life based on their own specific, unique desires, goals and definition of success. By being their authentic selves, in their power and purposefully. She loves the ability to bond with and build genuine relationships.

Danielle is a Board-Certified Master NLP Practitioner & Coach, Master of Time Line Therapy™ and Master of Hypnotherapy as well as a Practitioner of The Quantum Change Process™. She empowers her clients with solution-based modalities, positive new strategies and resources to achieve their BIG goals and find harmony in their businesses/careers and personal lives.

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Danielle believes that seeking guidance and support in a trusted, accepting, supportive and safe space is of the utmost importance and delivers on that belief.

Danielle’s creativity is expressed when involved in her biggest passions; golfing, practicing yoga, writing, travelling to International Destinations and dancing her heart! Her vivacious personality and contagious laugh (which you may here around the office) are just a few of the qualities that exemplify her ZEST for life.

Danielle shares 3 awesome things about herself:

  1.  At the end of a series of unfulfilling jobs and relationships,  while my friends were chasing the next great promotion, career, partner and kids  – “the Western definition of Success”, I decided to wisk off to Bali and South East Asia to “find myself”
  2.  Amidst the silence, yoga and journaling while travelling, free from the hamster wheel I felt I was on back home, I was able to get clear on my passions. I was away from the pressure of the checklist and gave myself permission to design a life I would love to live
  3.  When I returned, I surrounded myself with mentors, coaches and leaders who I aspired to be like. There is no value like finding a coach who has been where you want to go and who can provide a road map. A coach who shows you where to look but doesn’t tell you what to see

For more information, please contact Danielle at 416-899-9829 or email info@daniellereaume.ca




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