Love Me Mission


The Love ME Community was developed so I could teach, guide and inspire you on a monthly basis.

Through providing powerful Self-Love & Self-Care strategies, techniques and practices.

What is the Love Me Community?

The Love ME Mission is a community dedicated to creating positive self-care strategies to enhance the relationship between Self and others while managing our Mental and Emotional Health (ME).

I am passionate about creating a space for individuals to explore and create powerful Self-Love practices. We all have our story and I believe in leading individuals to a space where they feel empowered, excited and hopeful to engage in healthy emotional management.

Membership Details 

1 Live Webinar Every Month

Membership in our Exclusive, Private Facebook Group

1 Live Facebook Q&A Every Month

Exclusive Self-love Coaching Audio’s

Exclusive Self-Hypnosis Recordings

Love ME Resources, Tip sheets, Checklists

Self-Love Guidance Videos

Special Guest Interviews

Monthly Giveaways (Including a 60-Minute Coaching Call)

Connection and Community

Guidance and Support

$29 CAD/month

I believe when we begin the process of loving and accepting ourselves through healthy coping strategies we inspire those around us. Together we can bring more love into this world.

-Nicole Weston, Self-Love Expert

Nicole Weston

I am an energetic, passionate woman who believes in the power of LOVE! I want to guide people back to loving themselves because I believe love has the power to transform this world. I want nothing more than to live in an empowered world where everyone knows they are worthy and deserving of love and belonging.

My mission is to guide others along their journey so they can ‘grow through their pain and fall madly and deeply in love with themselves. I believe that once we truly love and accept our selves for who we are now we will never settle for anything less than what we deserve.