Hi busy mama,

are you ready to

master your

mindset so you can

make guilt-free

decisions and BE

present so you can

be the best mom

you can be?

On February 12th 2020

If you are a busy ambitious mama and you are looking to confidently take care of yourself then watch the video below.

Mama, I know you are ready to feel differently register now 

When my daughter was six months old I realized that I could no longer operate the way I had been feeling. Sleep deprived, riddled with fear, and feeling like a failure because I couldn’t figure out how to ‘do it all’. 

I desperately wanted to get back into ‘flow’ you know basically feel like the old me. Each day I would struggle with this idea that I wasn’t good enough because my daughter wouldn’t sleep, she wouldn’t take a bottle and I was full of guilt. 

My heart was full of love and joy and absolute gratitude that this little soul picked me to be her mom. And, on the other hand I felt so afraid because I had disconnected from who I was or how I was supposed to be. 

Finally, one day I realized that I couldn’t keep living in this state of fear and something had to change. I called my coach and within days we booked a session. 

What I learned in that session transformed me as a mother. I let go of who I was so I could become the mother I meant to be and this truth set me free. Since that moment I have been able to connect with my intuition and trust it. I released all the “mom guilt” I was carrying that was preventing me from making empowered decisions for myself and my family. I started prioritizing my mental and emotional needs so I could be present for myself, with my partner and my daughter.

Most importantly I am consciously practicing self-love with ease.  I am a trained social worker, NLP Practitioner and coach and I have been practicing these tools for the last 8 years. I truly believe in the power of community and I want to create space for other mamas to feel loved, supported and connected. I want to help moms manage their emotions and fall in love with themselves, just like I did. 

Now I am ready to share this with you because if you are anything like me, you want to put yourself first guilt-free and be present with the people who mean the most to you. 


This is for busy ambitious mamas who are experiencing…

-mom guilt when they put themselves first 

-feeling overwhelmed with finding time to practice self-love

-stress when it comes to finding balance with family and work

-feeling not confident in who they are

-pressure to do it and have it all figured out

And are finally ready to..

-mom guilt when they put themselves first 

-feeling overwhelmed with finding time to practice self-love

-stress when it comes to finding balance with family and work

-feeling not confident in who they are

-pressure to do it and have it all figured out


After seeing so many busy and ambitious mamas go through the struggle of mom guilt and never having time for themselves, and after going through it myself


I’ve decided to put together a one day workshop on February 12th 2020 Conscious Mothering: Master Your Mindset & Live Guilt-Free

Where I will facilitate key practices for taking care of the SELF while mothering and be guilt free while you create a loving healthy relationship with yourself first. 

We will dive deep into the principles of loving thy self through the Love ME Method™ in the four pillars of motherhood:

  • Conscious Mothering so one can heal, resolve and BE present through self-mothering.

  • Conscious Relationships so one can nurture, cultivate and create healthy, trusting, loving supportive relationships with my partner.

  • Conscious Parenting so one can raise conscious, loved, worthy and empowered children

  • Conscious Family so one can feel a sense of belonging, meaning and secure in life. 

 We will spend the day uncovering the blocks preventing you from being who you want to be and having what you want in you life and family. 


Your ticket includes:

  • Full day training ($997)

  • Lunch

  • Love ME Workbook 

  • Meditations

  • Angel Card Reading 

  • 15 minute discovery session 

 $197 includes lunch or $175 bring your own lunch 

If that sounds like something you would want to be a part of, book a call with me where will dive into exactly where you are at, and see if this program is what you need.


Client Love

“My last session with Nicole was literally unbelievable, but yet there I was sitting in her chair witnessing the alignment between me and my higher self happen right before my eyes!  Truly a life affirming experience. It’s hard to explain or describe the feeling or actions that happen. It is something you must experience for yourself to truly understand. What I know for sure, is I went in feeling stuck and unsure and I walked out completely knowing the direction I had to go in next.  Working with Nicole is always a positive experience, she is kind, professional, supportive and has an abundance of knowledge and tools to help you move forward. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is ready to make a change in their life. “

“I am truly grateful to have you in my life as my personal and professional business coach. From the moment I started working with you 4 years ago; whether it is to jump on a quick call, scheduling a session, or going all in for a breakthrough, you are always there to guide and support me through the process. You are truly the most loving, empowering and authentic coach. Your ability to gently and safely encourage me to continuously level up in every aspect of my life, is truly miraculous! My husband, children and I are so grateful to have you as a guiding extension in our lives. So so grateful for you!”


“Thank you so much for educating me with the tools to build a healthy and loving relationship with myself. Since becoming a mother I have found it very difficult to put my needs first even though this was the MAGIC advice that pulled me out of postnatal depression but as you mentioned this self love muscle needs to be practised on a regular basis. This program is life changing and I feel EVERYBODY needs this in their life!! There is so much pain and suffering in the world because we do not know how to love ourselves. You should be so proud of this movement you have created.” 


“I am doing great!  This challenge really motivated me to come back to my daily self-care rituals.  I am doing the ones you suggest (AHHHHMAZING) and I’ve also revived some of the ones that I was using before but stopped because of my monkey mind telling me I was “to busy”.  I’ve also adopted some new ones lol that came as impromptu decisions but feel oh so good. For example; I am taking my mirror work one step further and since I love to sing and dance, I am singing and dancing with myself in the mirror.  I usually find that at some point my hands end up on my heart and sacral or solar plexus… I am just flowing. Thank you again for just being your bright and beautiful you. You are amazing and I love you! “


“Nicole, this gives me the opportunity to tell you how helpful that 7 day self-love challenge was. I really feel a shift after completing it. Thank you!”