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Are you ready to FINALLY manage your emotions and learn how to create a loving, peaceful relationship with YOURSELF? 

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Say Hello to THE NEW YOU ON JUNE 4TH, 2019

Today I have made it my mission to guide and coach willing and wanting individuals who are ready to take action and reignite the most important relationship we will ever have; the one we have the ‘self’.

The ultimate online self -love group coaching program was created by me because I want to teach you what I know to be the best theories and strategies for managing your emotions and taking care of yourself.

So, you’ve come this far and I want you to ask yourself ‘how much are you willing to be loved?”

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Love ME Audio Blog : The Ultimate Self-Love Online Group Coaching Program: What to expect

by Nicole Weston

“We can only love others as much as we love ourselves” – Brene Brown

In This Intimate Group Coaching Program You Will…

Learn how to implement boundaries and how to say ‘No’ easily and effortlessly in your power.

It is my belief that boundaries are the most essential tool for ensuring we put ourselves first. Yet, without really learning the steps, we forget and can become discouraged. Boundaries are so much more than we have learned. In this program we will dive deep into discovering what is important to you, what is okay and what isn’t okay for you. You will implement and practice communicating your needs so you feel comfortable expressing yourself.

Learn how to dismantle the negative self-talk

As I coach you, you will learn the key strategies for how to focus on what you want. We will combine law of attraction, emotional management and action to ensure you are working towards your highest potential.

Learn how to discover and release the negative habits keeping you in overwhelm and worry

I will teach you how to discover and release the negative habits keeping you in overwhelm and worry and share the tools you need to manage your life differently.

Learn new strategies and tools to manage the BIG emotions you feel.

 I truly believe that when we acknowledge, accept and release our emotions in a healthy way we give ourselves permission to be free.

Learn the most profound tools of advanced communication

I will teach you the most profound tools of advanced communication so you can express yourself in your power, make confident decisions and TRUST yourself!

“Only  when we know what we want and need from ourselves can we teach others how to treat us    


What You Can Expect as a Participant:

The Ultimate Online Self -Love Group Coaching Program was created by me because I want to teach you what I know to be the best theories and strategies for managing your emotions and taking care of yourself.

I have created, facilitated and led many relationship programs as a social worker and coach. Each member in the group not only learns from me but from the group as well.

Our group will meet once a week online via zoom video call for 60 minutes. Each member will be sent a private link.

Once you log on you will be greeted by myself and the other members of the group.

Together we will create member guidelines and expectations to ensure the space is safe, secure and sacred

Each member is responsible for the utmost respect, kindness and integrity in the space

Members are encouraged to participate, share and engage in discussions, reflections and tasks

As your coach I will teach you, guide you and support you through the five weeks

Topic Schedule

Date/Time Topic
Class #1 via Zoom What is self-love and why should I care?
Class #2 via Zoom Leaning into joy so we can have more time and energy
Class #3 via Zoom Maintaining boundaries and making empowered decisions
Class #4 via Zoom The Secrets to Manifesting What you Want

“Life is a series of small action steps” – Nicole Weston


So, you’ve come this far and I want you to ask yourself: How much are you willing to be loved? Your first step is to declare your response to YOU first. Now I want you to take a minute and ask yourself: What are you willing to do differently now to fall madly and deeply in love with yourself?

Our group will be safe, secure and will maintain the highest level of confidentiality. I only work with clients who are willing to take 100% responsibility for their life, relationships and actions. This is the only way we can see tangible results. I will be your guide, coach and mentor however you are responsible for taking the tools, strategies and tasks into action daily. I am in the business of transformation and transformation takes commitment of your time, money and energy. Take a moment and be sure that over the next 5 weeks you can commit your time, money and energy to this program.

How will you know if this program is the right fit for you? Maybe while reading through it you felt excited, inspired or nervous. But what if I told you that you felt those emotions because that’s the feeling of hope. Hope is a powerful emotion, even the smallest twinkle light of hope can create the most profound transformation. So, ask yourself could this be hope and if it is, I would be honoured to guide you through.

Registration is now open. As a bonus you will receive your own Self-Love Magic resource guide. One week before we begin you will be sent questionnaires and reflection material. The magic begins this June, 2019 only those who register and pay will be given the link and recordings.

If you have been through any of my coaching programs this would be a fantastic opportunity to dive in and peel back new layers to drive you forward for 2019.

Invest in YOU now

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About Nicole Weston

I am an energetic, passionate woman who believes in the power of LOVE! I want to guide people back to loving themselves because I believe love has the power to transform this world. I want nothing more than to live in an empowered world where everyone knows they are worthy and deserving of love and belonging.

In 2009 I graduated from York University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and practiced for five years counselling young mothers. I decided to be a coach and practitioner of NLP & QCP™ because I saw the immense potential of taking both theories and combining the best from both worlds. I hold space for people to dig deep and have the tools to help them release emotional baggage.

I believe; 1. Awareness. We must meet our shadow at some point along our journey so we can honour and embrace our own powerful light. 2. Heal. Even though I didn’t feel ready I knew deep down I wanted more from my life and I gave myself permission to heal. 3. Creation. I grew up knowing everything happens for a reason and once I allowed myself to heal, I followed my heart and knew I had to share this with the world.