Hello Loves:

How well do you practice saying “no”? Does it bring up stress or guilt?  What else in your life is feeling heavy? What if I told you saying no is a powerful self-love practice?

In this audio I share with you a transformational exercise that will help you identify your energy leaks and work lovingly to close them. This is so powerful!

I’m also excited to announce something exciting that is happening on February 7th. We are launching a 7-Day Self Love Challenge, and would love to have you participate! Click the box below for more details and to get signed up.

How did this help you identify and close your energy gaps? I’d love you hear from you. Your comments and emails are always welcome.

7-Day Self Love Challenge 7 Days to More Peace, Confidence and Abundance in Your Life!

Join us on February 7th to February 13th for our 7-Day Self Love Challenge – and your chance to win prizes, in only 10 minutes a day!