Love ME Audio Blog : The Ultimate Self-Love Online Group Coaching Program: What to expect

by Nicole Weston

Hi love, I have had a lot of questions about the upcoming online group coaching program. So, I thought why not create an audio blog and a blog and talk about the details of what you can expect in this program. Choosing to practice self-love is a conscious choice we make every moment. I believe that when we embrace and own our shadow selves we can then accept our light. In this program I want to dig deep into vulnerability, joy, boundaries, communication, positive self-talk and most important your needs and wants. We must start somewhere and this program was created so that I can share with you my practices to maintain and grow the relationship with have with ourselves.

A transformational moment I had on my journey was not understanding boundaries. So I want to start there. How can we implement and maintain boundaries in our relationships if we don’t know how to respect or maintain our own boundaries with our self?

Maybe we never thought about it because I know for me before I started my self-love journey, I didn’t know what a boundary meant and it wasn’t until I discovered what was important to me and what I wanted mattered that I actually understood the significance of a boundary. I had to make sure I could meet those needs first.  Because, honestly it is no one’s responsibility to meet my needs, that is my responsibility only. 

No one is responsible for making me feel safe, loved or appreciated other than me. In a relationship with myself, I must communicate to myself what I need and want. I made a commitment to SHOW up for me first. So, that in my important relationships I could create the space to communicate and co create a relationship that thrives because we can talk about the tough stuff and feel safe to do so. 

What can be so empowering is that in a world where we feel powerless and not enough, really knowing what is important to us and taking a stance on it is a GAME changer. I believe this.

In this program, I want to talk about what is important to you and how do we create the strategies to ensure your needs are met. If you have never thought about it that way before, then this is an awesome opportunity. Maybe you are practicing this and maybe you are feeling like it’s time to amp it up. Because when we are growing in any area of our life, we are levelling up it requires us to gain new skills and resources..

Becoming a mom has completely transformed me and has called me to grow in ways I never imagined. It came down to giving myself permission to be a human and spiritual at the same time. I believe in order for us to grow and achieve the BIG ASS goals we want, we have to experience life. We feel fear, pain, guilt and hurt but when we know we are worthy and truly know this in our soul and life changes us in moments we can breathe and say ‘I got this, I give myself permission to feel because I know I am worthy, loved and safe’. I want to explore how find self-love magic during these times.

How do we slow down time? I I know for sure no one has time and in this program I want to share my strategies with you so you can have more time, more energy, more love and more peace. We will create the opportunities for you to soak up the ordinary moments so you can make your life feel so EXPANSIVE. This is what I want to create with you, this is how we give ourselves time back. I believe when we dig into this relationship with ourselves, stubbornly focus on what we want and take responsibility for how we treat ourselves, I believe we can make the magic happen. 

We are going to talk about practicing joy while leaning in to vulnerability without the absolute fear that something bad will happen. We will discuss the importance of having the hard conversations with our families so we can grow together but, we must learn how to talk with ourselves first.

I want to lead, share and co-create with you, I want to take you on a journey of discovering your most authentic self. I want to give you the tools to practice self-love magic and most importantly I want to give you the opportunity to find more time, to have more peace and to feel more energized. So you can take action on all the things you have wanted. Together we can make changes so you can create different results in your life. I believe the world needs more love and it starts with us.

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With love and light,

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