I am sitting outside, appreciating the beautiful weather, noticing the sounds of the birds, and feeling so incredibly grateful for this day. I am present!

I went into the QCP™ level 2 process, already as a positive and grateful person, but with an uncontrollable sense of worry about my closest loved ones. I have done a lot of personal development and will always continue to do so, but the amount of worry and anxiousness I was dealing with was taking over. In less than 2 hours, through her incredible skill, love, and artfulness, Nicole guided me through the release of additional baggage that was holding me back. Through this process of awareness, forgiveness and release, I left her office feeling like I was vibrating on a whole new frequency. The rest of my day was so incredibly positive, productive, and fun!

In the days to come following the QCP2 session, I remained grounded and completed work each day to continue being present, mindful, and extra grateful. When a situation arises that I would normally feel powerless in, I am now reminded of the amazing tools I have to overcome it in an incredibly successful way. Not only do I notice a difference in myself, but in my closest loved ones and others around me. When I’m more present, they are too! And we’re having so much fun doing it! Thank you, Nicole! I am forever grateful to you for being the light and love that you are! <3

 QCP Client,Newmarket ON, August 2016