I am sitting outside, appreciating the beautiful weather, noticing the sounds of the birds, and feeling so incredibly grateful for this day. I am present!

I went into the QCP™ level 2 process, already as a positive and grateful person, but with an uncontrollable sense of worry about my closest loved ones. I have done a lot of personal development and will always continue to do so, but the amount of worry and anxiousness I was dealing with was taking over. In less than 2 hours, through her incredible skill, love, and artfulness, Nicole guided me through the release of additional baggage that was holding me back. Through this process of awareness, forgiveness and release, I left her office feeling like I was vibrating on a whole new frequency. The rest of my day was so incredibly positive, productive, and fun!

In the days to come following the QCP2 session, I remained grounded and completed work each day to continue being present, mindful, and extra grateful. When a situation arises that I would normally feel powerless in, I am now reminded of the amazing tools I have to overcome it in an incredibly successful way. Not only do I notice a difference in myself, but in my closest loved ones and others around me. When I’m more present, they are too! And we’re having so much fun doing it! Thank you Nicole! I am forever grateful to you for being the light and love that you are! <3

 ~Shellie, Newmarket ON, August 2016

Dear Nicole, I came to you several months ago a with a goal of taking my business to the next level. I wanted to ensure I didn’t get in my own way of my success.  After our free strategy session, which was in and of itself highly valuable and enlightening, you recommended The Quantum Change Process™ (QCP™) for me. You said it clears up your past and helps you get rid of any baggage. I have to be honest, I couldn’t imagine what that meant and really didn’t feel like I harboured a lot of past baggage being the positive, go forward kind of person that I am. But after experiencing your unique approach, extensive knowledge and compassion in our first session I was keen to experience it. Well, turns out we don’t know what we don’t know! The QCP™ process you led me through was profoundly life changing. Things surfaced in that session that were altering my self-perception, my beliefs and depleting my confidence which was holding me back from the kind of success I wanted to achieve. Many things I had long forgotten had clearly shaped who I had become. I appreciated your kind, supportive approach that was backed by the science of the tools you have studied in and mastered. As a result, I’ve been able to acknowledge and understand those past events and ultimately change how they affect me. I literally ‘left them in the room’ just like you said I would. I have a newfound confidence both personally and professionally that is allowing me to push past old boundaries and achieve my goals…goals that are even loftier than before! I can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support and I highly recommend everyone take the opportunity to work with you to help them realize their goals, hopes and dreams. 

Tracey Evans, Owner/Master Instructor, 

Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre. August 2016 

“To be honest I never heard about QCP™ until I was introduced to Nicole.  I wasn’t too much of a believer as I already feel like a happy go-lucky person and felt it wasn’t really for me.  Another person that did a QCP™ with Nicole advised it would help me with my new business venture and goals.  So I gave it a try and WOW!   It was amazing how my body was telling Nicole and myself that I had built up events from the past that I never let go of.  In my mind I have.  After our session I find I am sleeping better as my brain is not wondering.  I feel clear and focused and ready to face the day.   Amazing experience and I do recommend it to anyone.

 Laura, Keswick, ON. April 2016

“Going into the QCP™ session, I was a bit nervous of the process and unsure what to expect, but equally excited to work with Nicole and see what would come of our time together. After the session, I walked away feeling a heightened sense of awareness and peacefulness. The forgiving process really opened my eyes to the way our tricky minds work and the lasting effects my past has been having on me. With this one session, I was able to acknowledge and let go of the past events that were not serving me, thus creating the space for positive and purposeful thoughts to take control. I recommend the Quantum Change Process™ for anyone seeking guidance, clarity, or support in their life as it is an incredible tool for finding insight and answers to a wide range of questions. Your body knows your truth and the QCP™ process will help you access it.”

Newmarket, ON . May 2016  

“It is with the sincerest “thank you” and gratitude that I write this testimonial to the tremendous experience that I had while being a client of yours from December 2015 through to February 2016. I came to you wanting to unlock my potential so that I could take my business to the next level of growth, without the hesitation and doubt that I had been experiencing. With your guidance and expertise, we quickly determined the root of the issue and formulated a plan to tackle the problem. Over the course of five visits, we dealt with the issues that were unconsciously holding me back in not only my business life, but personal life. I left each of your sessions feeling “lighter”, more empowered and ready to take on the world! What a tremendous feeling to have! At the end of the program, I was both pleased with the outcomes, as we met each objective and sad that the process (and our meetings) were over. I would whole-heartedly recommend seeking Nicole’s council if you are “stuck” in your life; knowing that you need to make a change, but are unsure of how to do it. Trust her, trust the process and the results will follow”.

Kurt J. Stahle MBA, President, Simcoe Plastics Ltd. March 2016

“Nicole you are an amazing transformational life coach.  You  gently and compassionately dedicated yourself to my breakthrough process.  You uncovered my suppressed limiting beliefs, fears and flawed strategies and gave me the tools to realign myself with my true purpose and personal power.  For this,  I am forever grateful. With your master skills, you helped me release the aspects of my life that were preventing me from stepping into my unlimited potential and magnificence.  Working with Nicole was truly a pivotal and life changing experience. Nicole you are a great coach and “tour guide” and I am so blessed to have worked with you.  Thank you Nicole for helping me re-direct and change my life.  Her gift is a true blessing and I highly recommend Nicole to all who seek wholeness, health, success and resolution in any area of their life”.

Jacquie W. Newmarket, ON. November 2013

Nicole is the coach you want when you need to get passed your fears and do what you have not dared to do before. If you find yourself frustrated, playing small and limiting your joy give Nicole a call. I engaged in Nicole’s Breakthrough services and I am forever grateful for Nicole’s guidance and support. She guided me towards massive transformation. It has been a source of much sorrow for me and has held me back in many areas of my life. There is a professionalism and confidence that Nicole exudes that allowed me to trust her with my story. I highly recommend Nicole for anyone looking for a counsellor, a coach, a guide to assist you in finding your best self.

Sandra S Vaughan, ON. January 2014

My Path to Self-Improvement with Nicole Weston

I am a believer that people come into your life for a specific reason. There is no other way I can explain how Nicole came into mine at such a perfectly timed phase. When Nicole and I began this journey I had been in 3 car accidents within one and a half years. I hated my body and its limitations, had low self-confidence overall and within my capabilities.I had issues driving and handling stress due to the anxiety I had developed. On the outside I was seamlessly functioning. However, on the inside I was overwhelmed and lost with no sense of direction.

After our first session I saw an immediate change in myself. I felt like a weight had been lifted. I was taking the right steps for me with a solid support system in place with Nicole. The transformation was beginning to take place and I was acutely aware of the hard but exciting work ahead. Months of pent up stress and negative emotions began to lessen and true perspective began to take place.

I have always been very interested in personal growth and self-improvement, however in my young adult years I had somehow lost my way.  In the past, the primary reason I wasn’t successful long term with self-development techniques and I was doing it alone and had no one to answer to, thus I wasn’t being held accountable. Having Nicole as my coach, holding me accountable and keeping me on track, made all of the difference. Nicole guided me to achieving my tasks/goals that I had been procrastinating for months and even years in some cases. I cannot express how relieved, excited and proud I was as each of the tasks were completed and marked off my list. My productivity in business increased substantially in a short period of time.

I was fascinated with the tools, the outcomes, and results. Nicole granted me the ability to finally cope with all of the emotional and physical harm I was causing myself, changed my path and forever transformed my life for the better. She not only restored my confidence but also provided the tools to help me maintain and continue to develop and build my confidence.

Nicole’s breakthrough process proved over and over again to be well worth the emotional, time and financial commitment for this life changing experience. I wish everyone had the opportunity to take control of their life’s path the way Nicole had taught me to.

C. Ferragine.  April 2014