Break Through Program

What is a Break Through?

The Break Through process is a highly effective and an empowering process that seeks to uncover the root issue that is preventing an individual from moving forward in their life. Often clients engage in the Break Through process because they have been experiencing the following feelings or challenges for a long period of time and who are ready, willing and committed to transformation

  • Relationship issues with self or partner
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Quit Smoking
  • Trusting others or self
  • Anxiety or worry
  • Overwhelm, burnout
  • Lack of motivation, drive
  • Challenges with self-esteem or confidence
  • Family struggles
  • Traumatic events
  • Lack of direction in life
  • Feeling not good enough
  • Financial stress

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What can I expect?

You can expect to be treated with respect and to feel safe and comfortable with your practitioner, all information shared is confidential.  Nicole is trained and certified in leadership and empowerment techniques that will guide you through this transformational process.  This service is about five sessions over a span of five to six weeks and each session is about three hours.  The Detailed Personal History Intake is designed to uncover the root issue of the presenting problem and give you a new perspective on the current issue.

This five week process is a “do with” not a “do to” process as you will be assigned tasks that will guide and empower you to make new choices, think differently and maintain healthy boundaries.  Tasks are critical to your success to ensure you are accountable for achieving the results you want.  Using a simple yet profound technique called Time Line Therapy® your coach will guide you in releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs.  Often these feelings and beliefs are the result of feeling overwhelmed, lack of motivation, irritable or feeling anxious.  Once cleared,  you will be accessing your true potential and together will plan your next action steps to get you living the life you want and deserve.

What people are saying!

“Nicole is the coach you want when you need to get passed your fears and do what you have not dared to do before. If you find yourself frustrated, playing small and limiting your joy, give Nicole a call.  I engaged in Nicole’s Breakthrough services and I am forever grateful for Nicole’s guidance and support.  She guided me towards massive transformation. It has been a source of much sorrow for me and has held me back in many areas of my life.  There is a professionalism and confidence that Nicole exudes that allowed me to trust her with my story.  I highly recommend Nicole for anyone looking for a counsellor, a coach, a guide to assist you in finding your best self.    

– Sandra, Vaughan, ON January 2014