They spent years inside the cage, accepting it, living in it, and surviving it. Then one day, they realized they had enough and thought ‘there has to be more than this”. They became curious, exploring the cage, each part, pushing on every side, above, below side to side. Then one day, they realized that there was gate. Each day they pondered all the different outcomes, and became frozen with fear. What if we can’t go back? What if we don’t survive? What if we can’t get what we need? What if we get hurt?

Years went by and each day there were many different reasons why they shouldn’t ‘try’. Practical logical reasons of course. One said to the other “I’m done, I want more and I am willing to see what’s on the other side, all I know is that there has to be more to living then this. We have wings for a purpose, to fly, to explore. Each day after this, the one decided to practice, jumping from side to side strengthen all the muscles to fly. Committed to one thing and focused on breaking free from all the limitations this cage and environment has imposed on them.

The day finally came, they both had practiced for, focused on what they wanted and pushed the gate opened. They looked around to the outside world pausing for a moment and thought ‘wow what if we fly and meet other birds just like us?” They each took a moment of gratitude for what they learned from this cage and took responsibility for placing all the self imposed limitations on themselves and just like they leaped out. Their hearts filled with love and the sensation of freedom, strength and courage filled their soul. They got to the edge not so they could fall but so they could fly. They knew exactly what they were doing, after all they were always meant to fly.

F.L.Y. (First Love You)

-Nicole Weston