It is a complete honour to write a testimonial for Nicole!

I have always had a great interest in self-development and when a close friend told me about QCP the opportunity to get connected with Nicole to hear more about the coaching available was a no-brainer! Leading up to meeting Nicole I had been through some major life-changing events and wanted to connect deeper with myself and to “find myself”. I felt like I was on the cusp and close to getting to the root however, there were things that were not enabling me to align myself further to get to a level of breakthrough.My main struggles were that I felt low confidence and I was unsure of myself which was affecting many aspects of my life and not allowing me to get to where I wanted to be in life.

I wanted to enhance my relationship with myself and increase my self-confidence. From what I knew about Nicole’s services it was the perfect way for me to become more aligned with myself and my goals.It is hard to put into words how incredibly rich my life has become since the beginning of my coaching and guidance experience with Nicole! I truly feel like a different person. SO much more connected with myself, with who I am and with how I show up in my personal relationships, my profession and in daily life situations in general. The piece of the puzzle that was missing, snapped into place!I feel clear, open, positive and am now able to bring about abundance into my life every day.

I am much more aware of the role that others play in my life experience and in daily situations that are presented along my journey. I am now able to manage the circumstances that come up in my life and am able to approach them head on with a confidence and clarity that I have never felt this deeply ever before.

I am not only recognizing the change but friends, family and co-workers are also noticing and commenting on positive a change they have seen in me.The two most significant transformations that have resulted in my guidance from Nicole is that I love myself, first and foremost!! A concept that I have struggled with my whole life up to this point. And to be able to connect that deeply with myself and to accept and feel this beautiful love for self is indescribable.

The second significant transformation is that I was able to forgive people and situations in my past that I was holding onto. Which were preventing me from getting to this euphoric state of life that I now live. I was able to do this because of Nicole’s coaching and tactics to get connected with the self at the core.The awareness that came as a result of my coaching with some relationships I have in my life was extremely eye-opening. They were roadblocks that I did not consciously realize were affecting my life and ultimately stem from my relationship with myself. 

This had a large impact on the positive changes that took place to allow myself to move forward with life. The fact that my goals were able to be achieved in such a timely and direct fashion are such key points to the process, the fact that you can move through these blocks and get right to the point at which the blocks started and then resolve it to be able to move forward is of such great benefit.  I would recommend this coaching and process with Nicole for anyone who wants to see the positive shifts in their life that I have.

I have such immense gratitude for the coaching experience with Nicole and for her guidance in fully developing my relationship with myself. Nicole is such a genuine person and it is so effortless to connect with her and to open up. She has such a calm demeanour and I feel very safe and comfortable when in coaching sessions with her.

Because of the type of process involved, it Is so imperative and clear to me that this process has to come from someone who has lived this experience and someone who is passionate about their craft and that perfectly describes how Nicole is connected to her practice. It takes a very special, talented and connected person to be able to give this beautiful gift that Nicole is able assist in giving her clients.The investment in yourself to experience the life-changing breakthroughs that is brought about is transforming and a ‘must-do’ !!

QCP Client, Barrie ON