After engaging in some business coaching with a fellow mentor I was encouraged to engage in networking events multiple times per month. Branching out from my full time career as a counsellor at a non profit organization I found myself knowing how to speak highly of the agency I represented however speaking of myself and services was a whole knew venture!

My dedication and passion overruled the anxious feelings and I found myself driving at 7am to my first BNI meeting in Aurora. I remember walking in not knowing anyone but knew I was there for a reason. At first I thought it was to get acquainted with the ‘networking’ world, hand out cards, meet people and become comfortable speaking about my services and my Why! But then, I met Pauline and we have connected ever since.

Recently Pauline and I connected for a QCP™ session and below is her story. I am so very inspired and grateful for her kind words and it was an honour to have guided her through such a transformational technique.

“Upon meeting Nicole in 2014 what initially impressed me most about her was her fearlessness and dedication to pursuing change in her own life.  In my life I am most impressed by people who exemplify the change they inspire in others.  By openly sharing her progressive journey she inspired me to engage in the Fast Forward your Future weekend with the HPI Community.  I found this amazing process to be eye opening and frankly life changing.  The process of FFYF allowed me to see, with clarity, the issues in my life and how large a part limiting self-belief played in them.

As with any personal journey, we peeled back layers of “the onion”. The layers that FFYF allowed me to peel back, however, left me without the defences I had built up since childhood.  No longer could I continue doing what I was doing, in allowing these self-beliefs to guide my life, but not knowing what else to do to get past them.  This is when Nicole changed my life.

With her calm and compassionate spirit, Nicole led me to massive, life altering change through the Quantum Change Process.  The process Nicole guided me through was everything I had been searching for and so much more.  It allowed me to revisit, address and release the causes of my limiting self-beliefs and clearly see myself, probably for the first time in my life.

By allowing me to see the people and experiences in my life in a completely different way I was able to release so much  “baggage” and the negative relationships that no longer served me and were the cause of my limiting self-beliefs

The resulting changes are numerous and include an innate shift from being in a natural state of anxiety, depression and self-blame to a state of hopefulness, self-nurturing and confidence in myself and what I have to offer the world.

I can’t thank Nicole enough for the change she has brought about in my life and know what she offers the world is truly life changing”.

Pauline M., Newmarket