I remember the exact moment when I learned that I didn’t have to keep living life the way I was. I felt this intense shake on the inside and it was like all of sudden I broke free.

Life was good, but I lived in a state of fear and ‘what if’s’. Chaos, drama and pain were close to me. I was always thinking worse case scenario, I was in a state of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I didn’t realize how trapped and overwhelmed I felt until the moment everything changed. It was like a champagne bottle about to pop! The barriers came down and waiting on the other side was ‘hope’ hope that if I chose to, I could have the intimate relationship I was searching for, I could put me first, I could have peace of mind, pain, fear and chaos didn’t have to be the only way to live and most importantly I could learn to fall back in love with myself.

Let’s stand together, share and experience a different way to manage your life, to have peace of mind, to have effortless relationships and to say no to that which drains your energy.

You are worthy, your are loved, you are safe, smile you got this!

Nicole Weston