About Nicole



Nicole is an energetic and compassionate individual who has always embraced the importance of emotional well-being for herself and others. Naturally, her motivation guided her to the field of Social Work. After graduating from York University in 2009, Nicole began working with young women and children empowering the young mothers to the best parents they can be.

As Nicole expanded her knowledge of approaches to demonstrate self love and critical awareness for her clients, she herself experienced a transformation, by adding Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis to her repertoire of tools, Nicole has carried out her vision of providing positive, life altering opportunities to others. Nicole prides herself by creating a platform in which individuals who are ready and willing to transform their life to confront personal challenges and allowing them to live a life of love, success, passion and excellence. Nicole is committed to engaging people in successful self care practices that will ultimately contribute to a deeper self awareness, self empowerment and self love!

“Nicole’s breakthrough process proved over and over again to be well worth the emotional, time and financial commitment for this life changing experience.  I wish everyone had the opportunity to take control of their life’s path the way Nicole had taught me to”.

– C. Ferragine April, 2014


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